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Paletizer - Wrappers

Automatic Paletizer, Robotic and Layer type & Wrapper

Robotic paletizer

WINtech was development to meet all palletizing needs determined by spaces which are often very small, or limited modularity and versatility.

High infeed conventional paletizer

RUNNER/a, conventional high-level palletizing with movable-pallet, it constitutes the most known and sold traditional series in Italy and worldwide.

Low infeed conventional paletizer

RUNNER/b, the conventional low-level palletizer with fixed pallet, was redesigned and simplified in its working shape.

Automatic stretch wrapper

MYtoo, the complete program to meet all the requirements in the field of Pallet wrapping. Conceived to ensure a long life protection of palletized bags, as well as to guarantee the stability of the full pallet.