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RUNNER/b, the conventional low-level palletizer with fixed pallet, was redesigned and simplified in its working shape. Its new, heavy-duty, modular structure turns out to be the perfect solution for average/high outputs – 600÷800 bags/h. High technology applied to the automatisms makes the operator’s presence unnecessary. The side and top pressing of the processed layer allows obtaining a final compact, square shape of the palletized pallet.

Main aspect

Bag flattener device and bag plier unit.

Belt bag flattener unit at palletizer infeed; with manual pressing height adjustment or motororized pressing height adjustment upon request. Bag steering grippers with rotation toward both directions controlled by encoder.

Pre-forming and release unit

Layer formation unit consisting of: preforming area and layer transfer device into the mobile vertical platform for releasing the formed layer into the pallet standing on the palletizing station.

Way of working

  1. Bag flattener With moveable top belt and fixed bottom one.
  2. Bag orientation Plier for open-mouth bags; kicking for valve bags.
  3. Pre-forming Layer forming station.
  4. Lift platform It unloads the layer onto the waiting pallet; pallet reweind in fixed position.
  5. Palletizing zone Area where layer is release and centering.
  6. Empty pallet magazine Fork type for universal pallets; hook type for Europallets.
  7. Outfeed roller conveyor Unloading roller conveyor of palletized pallet.