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All types of solid products – both powders and grains/granules – can be bagged. This machine is very simple and easy to operate; it has heavy-duty frames and members, including protective side panels that can be fully opened, which allow all the machine parts to be easily accessed. It is fitted with a simple and reliable operation system (mechanical main operation controlled by brushless motors) requiring a low maintenance.

The check and replacement of sealing bars of empty and filled bags are easy and fast given their position and the connection through quick couplers.  The operation cycle is essentially based on a roll with a pendulum motion that picks up the empty bag and positions it under the filling mouth, then under the final sealing zone.


Way of working

Reel loading unit by means of electric tackle

Reel holder unit with pneumatically expandable roller and motorized unwinding

Reel unwinding unit

Film stretching unit

Notch control photoelectric cell unit

Empty bag sealing unit, film cutting

Pendulum unit

a. empty bag grip to be transferred under discharge mouth

b. full bag grip to be transferred under sealing unit

Filling mouth, empty bag opening

Shaking belt for product squaring inside the bag

Filled bag sealing bars

Filled bag evacuation

Models and features

Two different models are constructed: TECNO TB/1 for production rates up to 800/1000 bags per hour and TECNO TB/2 for production rates up to 1200/1400 bags per hour (always depending on the type of product to be packaged) with the possibility of processing bags from a minimum of 5 Kg to a maximum of 50 kg, with the reel having a minimum width of 300 mm and maximum width of 620 mm.



Pneumatically-powered “comb-like” device for cleaning the inside of filled bag before the final sealing. The same “comb-like” device, depending on the type of packaged product, can be used to deaerate the product inside the bag prior to sealing the bag.

Additional frame unit for printing and thermal transfer onto neutral reel with a maximum printing area of mm 300 x 128 of height. Possibility of inkjet marking on stretched film with high-resolution printing.

Additional frame unit with gusset formation on flat tubular reel.

Operating sequence


SWINGING ARMS single motor


SWINGING ARMS double motor

mod.: TECNO TB + WinTech – Italy
mod.: TB/1 – Denmark
mod.: TB/1 – Russian
mod.: TB/1 + WinTech – Italy
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