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BIG-BAG Gross weight weighing-filling station


BIG-BAG Gross weight weighing-filling station

The “BIG-BAG” weighing-bagging plant was conceived for the bagging of any kind of product, either granules or powders, into 500 kg to 1500 kg polypropylene raffia big-bags; other big-bag capacities are also available upon request. The plant is made by: a specific dosing system for every kind of product to be bagged; a weighing mount supported by 4 flexure loading cells connected to the weighing control and management electronic central unit; the same mount is fitted with 4 automatic hooks holding the big-bag loops; a bag-spoutwith spout tightening system prevents emission of dusts originated during the filling phase.

The operator has thus only the task to fit the bag mouth to the bag-spout and to hang the loops to the suitable hooks. Once ended the filling phase a bag lifting system made by an hydraulically actuated platform lifts the big-bag by loosening the loops stretch and by thus enabling the automatic hooks to release them. The lifting system will then convey the big-bag to the unloading position.

Way of working

  1. Weighing-System
  2. Fill Spout
  3. Dosing Service
  4. Operator’s Service Platform
  5. Evacuation Conveyor (Optional)
  6. Vibration System (Optional)
  7. Hydraulic Lifter (Optional)
  8. Blower To Inflate The Bag (Optional)

Models and features

Weighing-bagging line for Big-bags with 2 or 4 straps. The packer is suitable to fill any kind of powdery or granular product into bags up to 1500 Kg (standard version). According to the product to fill the packer features one of the following dosing system: screw, belt conveyor or gravity feeder.

The weighing device is located on top of the packer and it is composed by 4 electronic load cells, supporting the filling frame and connected to the electronic weight controller graphic display. The machine can be equipped with a series of options for the automatic evacuation of the full bag onto a roller conveyor or onto a conveyor belt with possible pallet.

This packer can reach a maximum of 22-25 bags/hour ( depending by the characteristics of the product). For higher capacity, up to 60-70 bags/hour, the solution is the net weight version (only for good flowing product).

Gross weight weighing – bagging station

Net wight weighing – bagging station

The net weight system provide to pre-weight the batch (i.e. 1000 Kg) and then discharge it into the bag in one shot.


Hydraulic Lifter

Inflatable fill spout

Movable hooks to fix the empty bag from one position

Roller conveyor

Empty pallet magazine & dispenser

Belt conveyor

Vibrator to settle the product inside the bag

Blower to blow-up the bag

mod.: BIG-BAG – Finland

mod.: BIG-BAG – Italy

mod.: BIG-BAG – Finland

mod.: BIG-BAG – Italy